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@benbooker37: @Luke5SOS stole my phone and did a selfie. What ever keeps him happy! :)
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Anything marked with an * is smut.

Anything with a - includes visuals

Fanfiction does not portray who the boys are in real life


*4/4 preference:He fingers you in public

*4/4 preference:Blowjobs

*4/4 preference:You turn him on in public

*4/4 preference:He…

Request of popular luke having s crush on nerdy you and he teases you about it? Like he lets Everyone knows he likes you and he doesnt care you're a nerd


asdfjgkl Omg Anon, this sounds hella cute. Can all my Luke girls please stand up, please stand up!!

[Requested: Yes!]

(Y/L/N)- Your Last Name

(Y/H)- Your Height

Luke Hemmings is a senior, 6’4”, boss at math and science, and his social status: popular. (Y/N) (Y/L/N), also senior, (Y/H), pretty boss at everything if you say so yourself, social status: total nerd.

It was weird how you even started talking to someone like Luke. You were way off from his usual social crowd, and almost thought you had nothing in common. Despite being popular and really good at math and science that the teacher had to lower the curve of tests for us to pass, Luke has a small spot for comics.

He noticed me in a comic shop one day after school, he was with his friends and he was in the Batman section of the shop. Our first conversation was on who would get the last issue of the latest Batman and Robin comic. He was impressed with the fact that I could debate and keep a conversation as to why Damian Wayne didn’t deserve to die, so he let me keep the comic book. 

Since that day we started to talk a lot, mostly in class though. There was no way someone like me could talk to him outside of the classroom. Eventually we exchanged phone numbers and even started swapping comics, having long face time calls to debate or talk about the latest issue, and even about how the others day was like.

"So, did you listen to the song I texted you during class?" He asks.

"Good Charlotte? They are really good." You said glancing at him before continuing to work on your physics worksheet.

"Come on (Y/N) it’s a Friday night, don’t do work on a Friday night, nerds do homework on a Friday night!" He teases with a cheeky grin.

"Well I’m pretty nerdy Luke, besides, not all of us can finish a worksheet in 20 minutes." You said.

"I just know the variables and what equations to use is all. It’s really easy when you think about it." He says nonchalantly and you roll your eyes.

"Oooh, my bad Mr. Hemmings."

"You ready for the test next week?"

"Yes, but I wouldn’t need to worry if someone eased up setting the curve. Gosh, stop being so smart." You said causing him to give you a small chuckle and smile at you.

"You’re really smart too (Y/N)." He says before adjusting himself on the bed, "It’s almost 11, come on, stop doing work and give me attention." He whines.

"You always get attention." You said, referring to the popular group at school but he didn’t seem to get the message.

"Yeah, but not from you. I only see you in my classes, and when we face time, why is it that we can’t have lunch together or something?" He asks and you stopped what you were doing to look at him.

"Luke, it’s not that…. Never mind." You said pushing your statement aside and putting away your work to get ready and sleep.

"No, tell me (Y/N)." He says.

You look at him debating if you wanted to tell him how you really felt, you took a moment, laid down on your bed, and faced your phone towards your face to continue to talk to Luke. “It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with you Luke, it’s just that, we are just too different…” You said.

"No we aren’t, we are good at math and science, we like Good Charlotte and probably other bands once I check your iPod, and we like Batman. What’s so different?"

"Our social statuses Luke…."

He scoffs, “you actually believe in the nonexistent pyramid of social statuses? Really (Y/N), come on, I thought you would be the type of person to look pass that.”

You let his reply sink in and you started to feel a bit irritated, “well you wouldn’t know Luke, you aren’t me.”

"Well what is that supposed to mean?"

"You aren’t a nerd Luke. You aren’t someone who is only good for solving missing variables and wears thick rimmed glasses on occasions, or has a questionable wardrobe and is just…"

"Just what (Y/N)."

"Just a 6 while the person right in front of her is an obvious 10."

"You are way too insecure…" He says and you looked away avoiding eye contact, "you’re so insecure and I don’t know why you can’t see yourself the way I see you."

"You see me as what Luke?" You mumbled.

"Beautiful…." He says simply and you laid there somewhat stunned.

"Luke, don’t joke about this, I mean it."

"I’m serious (Y/N)."

"Well stop, please. Luke you don’t understand the stares I get from talking to you. A lot of girls like you, and someone like me talking to someone way out of my league-"

"Stop (Y/N), I thought you knew me by now, I’m not that type of guy." He says looking upset.

You felt guilty looking at his face, you told him you were going to sleep, and before he could protest and ask you to stay longer, you ended that call.

The next day you somewhat ignored Luke for most of the school day. During lunch he tried catching up to you to talk things out. You immediately tried to run from him, taking long strides in the other direction. “(Y/N) please, wait.” he says grabbing your arm.

"Luke, please don’t. You are going to cause a scene." You said suddenly taking notice of his group looking at you two and the rest of the student body.

"I don’t care, I will cause a scene because I am in love with you (Y/N)." He says and you stared at him wide eyed. Students gasped and looked stunned, others giggled, others glared, and surprisingly a handful said aww.

"You… You don’t." You said in denial.

"I do, I seriously do. Everyone, I Luke Hemmings have a crush on  (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Total nerd or not, I am completely in love with her." He declares to everyone causing the crowd to cheer and clap.

You looked at him stunned, he was still holding your hand and he kissed to top of it. “Luke no….” You said still shocked.

"I could care less about the social pyramid, what is this? Mean Girls?" He questions pulling you closer.

"I-I don’t know what to say…" You said covering your face feeling quite embarrassed by the attention you were getting.

"Gosh, just go out with me." He says in the same tone as you. You looked at him and couldn’t help but smile. He leaned down, kissed your nose, and even though the student body was cheering and clapping all you could hear was the sound of your heart beating faster at this moment.

A/N: Oh my goodness Anon thank you so much for the request. My inner Luke girl is screaming to the heavens. I really hope you love this as much as I loved writing it. Thank you again!



Puberty hit Michael Clifford like a damn bus. Teach me your ways.
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Everyone is getting so exited about that pic of Luke, but all I’m thinking is:



sometimes it’s Ashton,sometimes it’s Luke,sometimes it’s Michael,sometimes it’s Calum,and sometimes it’s all of them,and sometimes I’m just a slut.


that is so sweet
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*my nephew sees calum on my homescreen* “is that your boyfriend?” “Yes baby, it is” and then my brother (his father) said “my boy that’s your uncle.” My whole family is okay with calum ok MY WHOLE FAMILY


great but when can we see him shirtless
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a cute guy asked me if i want to go out for lunch with him next week and asked me if i like anyone and that i make him anxious bc he’s scared i’ll think he’s a creep and we’re fangirling over supernatural this is love


People are sending me death threats because I won’t talk about 5SOS’s personal life? Really?


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